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Arch of Septimus Severus.
Blake no.1211  
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William Blake Part II: Prophet
Blake Suppl. no.1064 (Part II) Rare Books Oversize  
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William Blake Part I: Innocence and Experience
Blake Suppl. no.1064 (Part I) Rare Books Oversize  
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[Letters in response to invitations to dine with the King at St. Jamess Palace on Tuesday, 16 April 1833]
Blake no.996A (Box 18)  
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Neptune Rising From the Sea
Blake no.719  
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Annual Convocation of Victoria University and Closing Exercises of Emmanuel College
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[Letter], Nov. 9, 1860, 8 Southampton St., Fitzroy Square [to] F. S. Ellis, Esqr.
Blake Suppl. no.723 (Box 15)  
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[Letter], February 12th, 1830, 30 Allsops Terrace, New Road, [London] [to] Bernard Barton Esqre, Woodbridge, Suffolk.
Blake Suppl. no.722 (Box 15)  
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[Letter], May 17, 1861, 8 Southampton St., Fitzroy Square [to] Edward B Jupp Esqr.
Blake Suppl. no.641 (Box 15)  
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[Letter] 1807 July 21, Brampton [to] Mr. Cromek, Newman Street.
Blake no.2211 (Box 15)  
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[Letter] 1808 Aug. 31, Chichester [to] W. Hayley Esq. Felpham.
Blake no.1479B (Box 15)  
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[Letter] 1807 Sept. 4, No. 10 Great Castle Str., Cavendish Square [to] Wm Hayley Esqr., Felpham near Chichester, Sussex.
Blake no.1364 (Box 15)  
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[Poem] [manuscript].
Blake no.1130 (Box 15)  
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[Letter] 1830 April 30, Upper Norton Street, London [to] Mr. White.
Blake no.1068 (Box 15)  
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[Commission, 1799 Aug. 1 to] grant, constitute and appoint Dr. Peter Ramis to be ... Deputy Registrar and Scribe of the Acts ... in the Vice Admiralty Court within the Island of Minorca.
Blake no.1028  
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[Receipt] 1793 Jul. 29, [acknowledging payment by] John Stockdale [for sets of books purchased].
Blake no.885 (Box 15)  
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A short English grammar.
No. 113 1748 Green Wesleyana  
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Thoughts on marriage and a single life
No. 42 1743 Green Wesleyana  
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A short account of the school in Kingswood, near Bristol.
No. 127 1749 Green Wesleyana  
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1934-1935 Carnegie international : European section : including a representative showing of contemporary American painting : March fifteenth-April twenty-fifth [1935] San Francisco Museum of Art.
N5020 .S47 1935 Large Woolf  
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The desideraturm: or, Electricity made plain and useful /
No. 202 1760 Green Wesleyana  
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The Amberley papers : the letters and diaries of Lord and Lady Amberley
DA565 .A45 A5 1937 v.1 Woolf  
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Catalogue of drawings and paintings : including drawings by or attributed to Titian, W. Holman Hunt, Sir E. Burne Jones ; and paintings by or attributed to R. Wilson, T. Gainsborough, N. Diaz and D. T
Z999 .S7 1941, Aug 20 Woolf  
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English literature between the wars
PR478 .I5 E9 1948 Woolf  
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The banned books of England
Z659 .C73 1937 Woolf  
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Arnold Bennett
PR6003 .E6 Z6 1925 Woolf  
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A wiser women?
PR472 .A2 1966 Woolf  
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Mrs. Dalloway
PR6045 .O72 M51 1942 Woolf  
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HILKIAH and SHAPHAN presenting to King JOSIAH the Book of the LAW of MOSES, which had been found in the Temple.
Blake no.742  
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Advice to a young clergyman: in a letter to him : concerning I. His intention. II. Converse and demeanour. III. Reading prayers. IV. Studies. V. Preaching and catechising. VI. Administring the sacrame
No. 4 Green Wesleyana  
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