Anecdote book collected by Peter Jones 

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Anecdote book collected by Peter Jones

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Jones, Peter


Peter Jones

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Peter Jones, Series 1, Box 1, File 5


Includes notes on North American Indians, list of “Oo-je-bway names given by Kahkewaqwenaby,” and descriptions of: his childhood; his missionary work, including many anecdotes relating to Indians; other subjects. Persons noted include: Rev. E. Adams; Chief John Asans; Margaret B.; Dr. Bangs; Beaver; Peter Beaver; Captain William Beaver; George [Blaken?]; Mr. Blanchard; Captain Joseph Brant; Lucy Brant; John Bullfrog; John Caleb; Rev. W. Case; John Chief; John Clark; Joseph Craig; Chief Crane; Chief J. Crane; John Crane; Mrs. Crane; Billy Dawson; James Evans; Polly Fish; Rev. E. Fraser; Billy George; W.H. (Indian Missionary); Bishop Hall; Happy Henry; Chief Abram Hill; Rev. M. Holtby; William Jackson; Jeekib; Captain Jim; Captain Joe; Captain John/Chief Wageeghegome; Captain Johnson; Jones family; George Kahbooway; Chief Kanooding; Keche-jeemon; Tom Keezhegoo; Chief Kegedoon; George Killsnake; Thomas Magee; M. Magill; John McGreggor; Rev. J. Messmore; Nageezhik; Nawuch; Pashegezhegwashkum; Rev. A. [Prinkle or Prindle?]; Chief Quenebenaw; Joseph Quenebenaw; Rev. J. R.; John Raccoon; John Riley; Rolow; Polly Rychman; Rev. W. Ryerson; D. Sawyer; David Sawyer; Chief J. Sawyer; Chief Joseph Sawyer; Mrs. Joseph Sawyer; Rev. Joseph Sawyer; Shegwuhmag; Dr. Schofield; Old Shawney; Old Big Shilling; Rev. B. Slight; Mrs. Small; John Snake; John Sunday; Polly Sunegoo; Chief Tunekoo; Tunewah; Rufus Turkey; Wahbuhdik; Chief Wageeghegome/Captain John; Waindegooqua; Rev. S. Waldran; P. Wampegoosh; Widow Wanbunosay; Wapoose; William Wilson; Magistrate Wrong; Yankee Jim; Chief Yellowhead; James York; Jas. Young.


Notebook (incl. journal or diary)

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