Field Notebook 49 1910 : A 

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Field Notebook 49 1910 : A

Special Collection

Coleman, A.P.


Coleman, A.P. (Arthur Philemon), 1852-1939


1 notebook: 193 pages, 9.5 cm x 16 cm

Storage Location

A.P. Coleman Series 3 ; Box 3 ; File 49


Cover title: "1910 June 10 Europe, Spitzbergen, 1911, Toronto p. 68 Montreal p. 76, Clydack, 79, Sudbury, 81." Two sequences starting from front: A / back: B. Table of Contents, p. 94. Section B has accounts for 1910 and 1911 trips to Sudbury, travels in Europe.
Accounts of travels to Europe include: trip to Arctic Norway (Spitzbergen) as part of the 11th International Congress that was held in Stockholm. Coleman also travelled to Sheffield for the annual meetings of the British Association for the Advancement of Science where he served as President of the Geology Section in 1910. That summer he travelled extensively through Europe: Germany, Italy, France and North Africa - Algiers. The diary contains a detailed description of Mount Etna's lava fields. The Canadian sections of the diary include geological notes from the Gaspe, the Don Valley Brick Yards and Sudbury.
Graphite sketches.
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British Association for the Advancement of Science
Coal and coal mining
Geology -- Ontario -- Toronto Region
Geology -- Ontario -- Toronto Region
Geology Stratigraphic -- Pleistocene
Glaciers -- Norway
International Geological Congress (11th: 1910: Stockholm, Sweden)
Voyages and travel -- Canada
Voyages and travel -- Europe
Voyages and travel -- Europe
Bear Island (Norway)
Don Valley Brickyard (Ont.)
Spitsbergen Island (Norway)
Tromso (Norway)
Toronto (Ont.)


Notebook (incl. journal or diary)

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