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1946 Graduating Class, Emmanuel College 

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1946 Graduating Class, Emmanuel College

Fonds (Victoria Archives)

Emmanuel College Registrar's Office

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1 photograph : b&w composite ; 28 x 36 cm with 34 5 x 3 cm portraits.

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OS 6


Subject : Students and faculty identified.
Fifth row (left to right): E.D. Jones, B.A.; M.B. Jose, B.A.; F.R. Gibson, B.A.; D. Gray, D.F.C., B.A.; W.E. Milroy; W.H. Tonge, B.A.; R.W. Miller, B.A.; H. Stevens, B.A.
Fourth row: W.C. Ewert, B.A.; V.A. Wilkinson, B.A.; F.E. Madden, B.A.; E.E. Best, M.A.; G.E. Rousom, B.A.; R.D.P. Reid, B.A.; J.C. Ludford; A.M. Manson, B.A.
Third row: B. Garrett, B.A.; H.G. Pritchard, B.A.; Miss M.A. Dougherty, B.A.; J.W.S. Wallens, B.A.; C.R. Milley, B.A.; J.M. Hoskin, B.A.
Second row: C.W. Zurbrigg, B.A.; J.T. Horricks, B.A.; L.W. Mould; V. Evans
First row: Rev. A.S. Orton, M.A., S.T.M., D.D.; Rev. G.A. McMullen, B.A.; Rev. John Dow, M.A., D.D.; President W.T. Brown, M.A., Ph. D., LL.D.; Dean A.D. Matheson, M.A., B.D., D.D.; Rev. John Line, M.A., S.T.D., D.D.; Rev. K.H. Cousland, M.C., M.A., B.D., D.D.; Rev. J.S. Lawson, M.A., Ph. D., D.D.

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Emmanuel College (Toronto, Ont.) Class of 1946





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